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Gediks santai at Star Hill with Besties dan Kaum Kerabat

Assalamualaikum…………… Anyeonghaseyo beautiful people… Ini sebeno nya kisah yang terjadi beberapa minggu lalu lepas aku balik cuti raya,,, Aku ponteng kerja hari tu sebab nya adik-adik aku teman aku balik mai sini Pastu hari tu depa nak jalan-jalan KL. Adik aku Anis masa tu tengah cuti semester, Zahirah pulak memang ponteng kelas dan sepupu aku Jabir dia memang cuti….  Jadi macam syg pulak kan na… Continue reading


Assalamualaikum……….. Anyeonghaseyo beautiful people…… Nak bagitau kat hampa semua perfume yang aku baru fall in love,,,, Nama dia ” Angel ” by Thierry Mugler…. Sapa pernah bau perfume ni angkat tangan ^_^ Angel by Thierry Mugler is a Oriental Vanilla fragrance for women. Angel was launched in 1992. Angel was created by Olivier Cresp and Yves de Chirin. So perfume ni bukan lah baru di pasar… Continue reading

Amalan pemakanan Nia Sanchez, Miss USA 2014

…;…….. Fresh Juice  “I really like to make juices. It’s so easy and healthy at same time. I do kale, spinach, apple, pineapple, and celery and mix it all together,” she says. “I love sugar so this quenches my sweet tooth while still being good for you.” Green Tea. “I do green tea almost every morning, and chamomile tea at night,” she says. “And of course, lots and lots of water.” Breakfast “I’m definitely a breakfast g… Continue reading

SAMMYdress Bag Review + OOTD “i’m On Mah Way”

SAMMYdress BAG Review Hello There Yall! How is everything going on with your 2014? So far so good?  its been ages right? Well i’ve been super over the top busy  working in my new company. Doing Product photo-shoots  then editing them. im actually sick of photoshop now lol. Remember the SAMMYdress Giveaway held last December? if you wanna know more about them and see my Wish List Click Here Everything is aff… Continue reading

aMz Diary #1 | 2014 Goals! Latest Happenings + Plans this month + Music + Watching

aMz Diary #1 i used to write down my moods for the last few years on this manner. So this is #1 because its the first one this year of 2014. And might write one at the very end of every month or so.. This one is from January – March ♥ Latest Happenings ♥ – Started working in a new company this year as a (Graphic Designer for Marketing and Ads) New People, New place, New atmosphere (and its kinda boring ahaha)  i used… Continue reading

Shopping x Kawaii | Collective Haul My first official Kimmidoll + Alpakasso + Totoro + Pocky + Bags + Watch List + Cardigans last Winter

Shopping Shalalala~ Hi Dollies This is roughly all of my kawaii hauls so far from Dec last year i think My laptop is dead, bear with me gals   Bear hehe Rawr!  its not that many because i am trying to save up, i couldn’t stop my self from getting them kawaii goodness, my friend tells me i am kind of a Compulsive Buyer.  Well shopping and cute stuff make me feel  better p sychologically, so why… Continue reading

GIVEAWAY | INTERNATIONAL – SAMMYdress Giveaway! + My Christmas Wish List Head to Toe!

Hi Dollies And yes Giveaway time la la la~ i love affordable and cute styles also punky fresh! Here is my wish list below, i honestly have so many stuff on my “favorites” list from this shop but i only picked my ultimate desired ones.  First i need to give you an idea about SAMMYdress. introduction Why is it this affordable?  Because SAMMYdress is not just an online shop, they are a wholesale sup… Continue reading

My Cat Dress Excited! + Style inspiration + Kawaii Over Load Gets and Photos ^__^ for a great week ahead~

Hi Dollies  How yall been? Can you believe July 2013 is almost ending? i feel like yesterday was just New-years eve or something… Man how to stop the time from running too fast? i’m getting older wayyy too fast too! oh GOD why?! Of course instead of being frustrated and conscious about my age i will enjoy life but still…teehee~  i am a Cat Person i have had and still have countless of cats, ev… Continue reading

Dalam cerah pun kena Tindih ?

Assalamualaikum…………Anyeonghaseyo beautiful people……….Suasana masih lagi suram di sebab kan MH370 yang masih belom di jumpai….Marilah kita terus berdoa agar MH370 kembali kepada kita… amin..Semalam aku dan budak umah layan ceta My Love from the star …Dah lama ceta ni main kat Korea dan televisyen kan……Dah lama jugak aku download cerita tu tapi tak sempat nak tengok seb… Continue reading